Chennai Express: The Train Not Taken

A PERFECT BLEND of Hindustani Cultures and Traditions, Chennai Express is the chutney of vibrant and voracious 1600 languages spoken throughout India. The Silly SRK Express bound to Chennai leads him to a queer series of mysteries which he unfolds in the story through his romantic voice! The film envelopes the common beliefs, the superstition of superstitions and the common temperament of a common man (though not so common in the film.) The dialogues, incomplete and strange are very filmy and rhythmic. From Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to My Name Is Khan, Rahul and Meena… (The full name was too long to remember) for the good part of the movie converse in rhythms and comical dialogues of famous Bollywood Hits!

Rahul (Shahrukh Khan), who wants to live his life and destiny on his own, realize his dream when at 40, his grandfather, a die-hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, dies at 99 364/365 years watching Tendulkar out on 99, the incomplete Century! To fulfill the ultimate desire of his GrandPa, he sets for South. It pains him when a young lady calls him ‘BhaiyaJi’ at his own YY Mithaiiwala Shop!

Chennai Express exposes Deepika Padukone as a Staunch Tamil girl full of perplexity and vitality. Being the daughter of a local tyrant cost her at the time when unwillingly she is bound to marry ‘Thangabali’, a muscle man from the neighbouring Village who could add wings to the tyranny of her father. Chennai Express is 141 minutes comedy of Illogical Errors! Rohit Shetty in order to over express comedy and action fails like anything and the drama proves to be a flop notion. His story line is too plane to have something of importance; a normal Bollywood way where the protagonist has to fight with everyone to win the girl for himself, the medium might be any!

Though plain, Chennai Express is stuffed with something that audience would always long for.  The question of the plight of women in society and SRK’s movement against the discrimination based on gender is worth visible in the movie. He salutes and respects women at least in the movie. Through the story being narrated by himself, he teaches lessons on learns while getting 35-40. The fevikwick yet sylvan and serene bond of Grandparents, the lustful, lucid and attractive plans among friends is often underestimated by the power of a common man, a ‘halwaii’. He raises the question on whether an Indian girl has the right to celebrate Independence Day even after 66th year of being an Independent Nation!

His speech, a prolific one towards the end touches the core of one’s heart and the cinema hall sinks deep in silence to listen those worthy lines at an unworthy place. The story somehow had similarities with Sudarshan’s Hindi Short Story ‘Haar Ki Jeet’ that culminates in the ‘Change of Heart’ at the end.

SRK is a good entertainer and he succeeds in fixing audience to their seats for complete 2 hours. He rules throughout the film! Its tough to say, but his acting and his way of drama has seen a sharp deterioration. The film has nothing more than ‘masala’, the SRK Brand, the Rohit Shetty’s false boating of comical action and moreover excess waste of wealth over such not so profound matters! Shahrukh and Deepika teach us how to romance, how to flirt, how to dream and to make them alive and above all how to be a human being at last. No matter love wins at last over tyranny but not using subtitles for Tamil conversations will surely cost Rohit Shetty. Like Rahul, the audience too didn’t understand 40 percent of the scripts and dialogues that were being delivered! Do they think everyone to be equally compatible with Tamil? Strange! Every single character there knew English very well and it is a good sign to see Bollywood turning for English Dialogues!

Everything in the film was mobile and mundane except for Rahul (SRK), Meena and the ash of his Grandfather. The trio never misses a scene throughout the film. Except the three, every character played the game of Hide and Seek!

The way SRK regrets the loss of ₹34,249 Nokia Lumia 920 thrown away by the ‘Bahubalis’ is absurd. He takes it for granted. How careless he is! He realized after losing it the importance of remembering phone numbers by saving in mind and not in the phone memory. Next he comes with the notion that-‘The best way to escape the Problem is to face the Problem’, the punch lines. His bravery and courage is noteworthy and ultimately as usual the hero wins and with that wins Kashmir to Kanyakumari!

The lyrics are mellifluous and the Vishal-Shekhar touch to it, make the songs both ear and heart rendering. A neatly woven story, a complete family package, the holiday advantage and the publicity stunt fetches it the title-‘The SRK Chennai Housefull Express’.

For Action and Comedy lovers and SRK’s ardent fans, a must go and watch movie and for all others, you can’t wait for the interval to come!!


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